22 December 1991, Sunday.

T'was the morn of the twenty second day, of the twelth month, in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, and in no less than nine days, it would be 1992. I will be spending Christmas completely alone, more than 8000 miles away from my friends and family, I have no reminders of them, apart from the memories.
The time is 10:30am, I'm sitting eating breakfast in the breakfast room within the hostel, there is an arguement going on behind me, over some toast and twenty cents, everyone is so grumpy around here. I don't know why, were all on holiday here, and it's nearly Christmas, I know that I am quite happy with my present situation.
It's sunday today, I think I might go to the zoo, I've been told that it is very good, well actually they said it was out of this world. I replied that I couldn't possibly go there then, having no means of intergalactic transport. Please ignore silly humour.
Phoned Natalie again, and got through, we talked for a short while, then she asked me to call her back in around half an hour. I did, and we arranged to meet at the National museum at 1:20pm today.
I sat around, feeling much better, and quite pleased with myself. Whilst sitting on the toilet later on in the morning, somebody walked into the toilet that I was using, and I laughed, because he looked terrified. Time moved on, and it was soon time to meet Natalie.
I arrived five minutes late, and apologized, we started walking about and talking, passing different monuments and thousands of shopping arcades. At 4pm we went to the cinema and watched the film 'Dying Young', it was really good, if a little sad and depressing. The music that enveloped the film, was a clarinet peice by Kenny.G, and it was gorgeous and enchanting.
We left the cinema and started walking again, then we sat down and held hands, it was so lovely, and I felt like a schoolboy on his first date.
We got on a bus at 10:30pm and I got off at Bencoolen street, but Natalie stayed on. It was pouring down with rain, it had been for half the day, but I'd only just noticed it, I ran up the road to the hostel. Came in and dried off, spoke to Criston the French guy, and this nice Japanese bloke, then realised that I had lost my pen somewhere today, but it was a small price to pay for such a glorious day.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

Weird, I relate to the part about being alone and only having memories on christmas.
But at least you had a nice day in this entry! :)

10:11 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Yeah, thanks Lisa, I don't remember perfectly but, I think I was being a little dramatic, I was having a wonderful time.
Thankyou for commenting.

4:35 pm  

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