11 December 1991, Wednesday.

Excavated myself from a deep sleep, it was 7am, I got up and went about my usual morning sequence. As a ended my task's, I noticed it was 7:40am and I left for school, without eating breakfast.
As I walked down Jalan Pabrik Es, I passed a small warung come shop, and an old woman inside called me over, and told me that I could stay at her house and it would be cheaper and better at hers. I guessed the time was moving on, and asked the time, it was 8am, I thanked them and ran out and caught a bechak to the school.
I taught my first class of the day, it all went very well, I told them about different way's of speaking to different people, like friends or stranger's. Then I had breakfast at the school, and sat around talking to the headteacher, then had some lunch, and waited until 3pm for my second class.
Only two of my student's turned up, and then one of them left, I stayed talking to the girl, and then Asep appeared. Then with Asep, we went to the girl's house, chatted and had some tea, then returned with Asep to Pabrik Es by bechak.
As we stepped into the house it was obvious that the family was ignoring me, I've obviously breathed in the wrong way, I don't get these people, it was my money that was stolen. I'm going to move out tomorrow, but don't know who much money to give them for letting me stay here. I feel strange about giving them money knowing it was someone here that took the money out of my bag. I can't afford for them not to like me though, all my post is being sent here.
I'm sitting alone in the lounge, the whole family is talking in the kitchen, and I don't know what about, although I've got an idea. I don't know, I don't feel at all sad at the moment, really.
I go out for a walk, and only a couple of doors up the road, I was called over to have a chat and a drink. They are a really nice couple, and the guy has offered to show me around his rubber plantation, so I jumped at the chance, and I'm coming back tomorrow to make proper plans, or as he said it, 'make a program'.
I returned to no.12 Pabrik Es, and had a talk to Agus and cleared the air. Then sat on my bed and wrote this while listening to a dog howl up the street.
Well tonights turned out better than I imagined it would, especially from earlier on.
I'm a lot happier knowing I'm leaving this place, they have been good to me, and horrible, oh well, I'm going to sleep now.


Blogger Karel said...

Wow, Mikey..it must've been very very awkward situations with Asep and his family.

This is probably a huge generalization, but that's how I feel about people from West Java most of the time too. They can be really really nice but very sneaky and sarcastic at other times. But then again, we have those kind of people in any kind of culture..

You did an excellent job at the Basement Jam concert, Mikey! I finally had time to watch the loop. It shows how confident and proud you are with your songs..very inspiring indeed..

Sorry for being lazy and not visiting your blog in this past week or so, teman. I have final exams and reports due this week..and also preparing to go home this Wednesday..exciting but stressful at the same time..

Hope you're doing good, teman. I saw you in my dream the other night. I put the story up in my blog.. =)

Selamat malam,

6:44 am  
Blogger Storm said...

What an awkward situation you were in. There's nothing worse than not feeling comfortable in another person's home.


11:55 am  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

It's hard when people aren't direct when they have a problem with you. it's much
easier to come to mutual understanding when you know what is bothering someone.
Then you can clear things up! Jeez!

Hey, hope all's well with you guys.

2:57 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Karel, everything gets better now I think, oh yeah, and then goes all wrong again, but that's just the way it goes isn't it.
I didn't really spend any time in anywhere else apart from West Java, but I did meet loads of great people, but once again, I sure you know far more about it than I do, so I'll leave it there.
Thanks teman, hope you song's are coming on ok, sorry to hear about how busy you are, I hope you get everything you need done.

4:26 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Cara, yeah it was horrible, I can't work out why I was still there, they didn't want me there, and I didn't want to be there after the theft, but for some reason, I stayed there for another week or so, I never got that money back, and Agus even said that I wasn't welcome anymore, and yet I stayed, it's incredible. I can't work it out really.
Thanks for your comment, hope you can keep reading.

4:31 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Lisa, me and Rene are fine, thanks for asking, I hope you are good.
Anyway, all this trouble in Pabrik Es, the thing is, just after my money was stolen, Agus said that I wasn't welcome anymore, but I thought, what I'm not welcome, now my money's been stolen, most likely by one of you guys, you know. But I should have just gone, but for some reason I stayed for ages after that time, they were probably quite intimidated by my not leaving, after they had asked me too, I think that I was younger and more aggressive when aggrevated, maybe, I don't know, it was a long time ago.
Thanks for being so supportive though Lisa, take care.

4:36 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Hey, no problem, "teman" whatever that means. :)
But I see what you are saying, they were just shady people, basically. And you weren't making it easy for them by
going away quickly and quietly.
BTW, the dream with the blonde,
I think it represented home, but I think it represented more primal, baser things, having to do with being young and in a country of brunettes. You wanted a little variety after awhile.lol
That's what that dream actually said to me, but I suppose it also did mean home. But you were what, 18? So sometimes something is just what it is.Nothing wrong with that.:)
I posted responses at my blog for your comments, thanks Mikey.:)
You all inspire me with your music

5:28 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Lisa, 'teman' means mate or friend, in Indonesian. I think you are spot on with the reason's I stayed, although now it just seem's like I'm a massacist.
Yeah, I was 19, and I think that one was just wishful thinking, or a dirty boy's dream. Thanks for posting, I'll be over to yours to check out your blog. Cheers Lisa.

6:11 pm  

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