21 December 1991, Saturday.

I woke up reasonably early, went to the toilet and then got back in bed and lay semi-conscious for a while, then planned my day. There was a breakfast bar in the guest house, so I had two fried eggs on toast, which was lovely. Left the breakfast room and found out directions to the Indonesian embassy, although was told that it would be closed for the weekend.
So instead, I went to the art museum, situated next door to the National museum, the art museum was terrible, the standard seemed poor to me, and the prices that were displayed were astounding. Then I went to the Nation museum, that was better, but for a country like Singapore, I expected something a lot better, the building itself was lovely, but everything seemed too formal.
I left there, and went for a walk around, got some chinese food, and met an Indonesian women and her daughter, who went to a public school in Surrey. They must of been pretty rich.
Then I found this great book shop, which was huge, and spent the rest of the day in there. Inside, there were other shops, a big music shop, which had pillar's with headphones, where you could listen to music of your choice. I listened to ' The Jam' for about an hour, then walked around, hang on a minute, I've forgotton a major event.
In the music shop, as I listened on the headphones, a gorgeous girl gave me her phone number, hurray, my ego has been restored.
Christmas draw's nearer, and I still don't feel 'in the festive mood'. I then walked back to the guest house on Bencooles street in the evening calm. On the way, meeting a French bloke, who needed to find a cheap guest house. I guided him, like the guide I am.
On returning to the hostel, I tried to phone the number that the beautiful girl gave me in the music shop. Natalie was ingaged though, (I mean that someone was on the phone) it was 8:15pm and I went out for something to eat. I went to a food court, where there were over thirty different kitchens surrounded by tables and chairs, different food's from around the world, and quite cheap. I wished I'd found this place earlier.
I returned to the hostel and had a shower, then read a newspaper for a while. Finally going to sleep at around 12:30am.


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