3 February 1992, Monday.

I awoke for my bladder only, went downstairs to the toilet, there were only two of the helper girls downstairs, so I went back upstairs. It was 9am, and I got back into bed and slept until 11am, having the most disturbing dream, which I was just about to write down, when Herun came in and told me that there was some food downstairs for me. I followed Herun downstairs and had some coffee, and then ate some rice, tempa and some vegatable stuff, it was all lovely. I spent the morning, and the afternoon until about 3pm, sitting outside the house, talking to Herun about his family and his buisness aspirations.
At 3pm, we both set out for the centre of Jakarta, it was a real treck, going from one bus to the next. Then once in Jakarta, we went to some very large shopping complexes that I had no idea existed, and then to a doctors. Herun's got a medical problem, I don't know what it is, I didn't want to push him on it either.
After the doctors, we went to another shopping place, and I bought what looked like a shortish carved stick, but was actually two hidden dagger's, my friend Lee back home collect's knife's, and he'd love it. Then we went to the pharmacy, where Herun picked up his prescription, not enough apparently, he had bags of stuff. While we waited for the bags of stuff to arrive, I looked along the counter, and noticed the condom section, they were bizarre, with name's like 'rocket' and 'tiger', and they were all covered with nodes, and in strange shapes. I bought some particularly strange one's to take back home for a laugh, and had a good time talking about them with the female assistant, we actually had a really good laugh. Herun and I then travelled the many bus's back to the house.
Once back, I showered and pooed, and then ate. Watched the television for a while, hang on, a 'Baywatch' that I'd already seen. Who would have thought I'd of remembered such a terrible program, I'm obviously ruled by my loin's.
The program finished, and we both went to bed at about 11pm. Tomorrow, I think were going to the 'House's of Indonesia', which is the place I was going to go to when I was last in Jakarta, I think, the place that has all the traditional houses from across Indonesia, but I've also got to contact the travel operators to make sure I have a place on a plane home soon. Although, I'm having second thoughts about going, Asnah's memory keeps filling my head, is it my future? I'll see what happen's later, and no doubt I'll recall and record the events, in this book.
So until then...


Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

a 'Baywatch' that I'd already seen. Who would have thought I'd of remembered such a terrible program, I'm obviously ruled by my loin's

That made my day!


6:33 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Cheer's Kevin, I am pityful, but if I can make someone's day, maybe there's a point to all this.
KOKO Thanks for the shout here mate.

8:59 pm  
Anonymous bewitchingstorm said...

Okay, the talk about the condoms was hilarious. They do have some very strange names for those things! Thanks for the laugh!


2:51 pm  
Blogger Storm said...

Okay, I'm not quite sure why my blogger name (Storm) didn't post above. Must have been how I signed in.


2:56 pm  

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