1 February 1992, Saturday.

I awoke still feeling tired and yearning for the toilet. I trudged out of the bedroom after having some coffee and started walking downstairs, when Aji called out from upstairs, 'there's a western person outside'. I walked out into the already burning sun, wiping the pockets of sleep out of the sides of my eyes. One of the bechak driver's led me across the road, where I saw her, I said hello, and she replied the same, then we went through the whole introduction conversation thing and then with her Indonesian friend, that also happened to be Aji's friend, both came into the house and had some coffee.
She was a nurse from Brighton, and had already stayed in Tasikmalaya some month's before, and was now going to marry her local boyfriend. She hardly spoke any Indonesian, and what she did speak, was in an English accent, but was very nice a friendly. They both left on there bike's after saying that she would return, when I had returned from Jakarta. I had arranged to go to Jakarta with Herun this evening, well I arranged it ages ago actually.
After they left, I quickly headed for the toilet, and then releaved, I cooked up some noodles and egg's, we ate that, which was lovely and then together with Aji, on his motobike, went to his friends house and had some jack fruit. Aji was a little disappointed because he said that his friend had promised to cook some stewed rice. When the downpour had finished, at around 6pm, I jumped on the back, and we rode home.
I had a little go of Aji's motorbike while Aji went in and got his jacket, I am completely awful on the thing. Then we went round to the western girl's house. Alison, that was her name, was staying, and had some tea and chatted, then went on to the warung for some dinner, and then home again. I packed up some gear in my rucksack and then we zoomed round to Herun's house by about 8pm.
I thought that we were leaving for Jakarta tonight, but apparently not, Herun asked if I would like to stay there for the night, and I excepted. We had some bit's to eat and drink, and then went to bed at about 11:30pm.
I meditated before going to bed, I felt a lot of unrest, I suppose it might have been because I was still very tired from channeling energy from my hand to his daughter's damaged wrist, it is amazing how hot it get's, the right hand surges with heat, whilst the left hand is cold, they are like positive and negative. I must work out how to recharge my batteries, as it were, if I can that is.
I slept with the towel over my feet and all my clothes still on, I had no blanket, nor was I offered one. I felt a presence in the room, but it didn't really effect the quality of my sleep.


Blogger Storm said...

Sounds like quite a full day you spent. Channeling your energy sounds pretty cool. I completely believe in that and have had friends that practice it.


4:32 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

It was a long time ago, I don't do anything like that now, apart from massage, which I find exhausting now, I was so fit then,and skinny. Thanks for the shout here, take care.

9:02 pm  

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