31 January 1992, Friday.

On account of my late night lastnight and tonight, this diary entry is being written tomorrow on the 1st. Well, I awoke from a deep, sweet sleep at 10:30am, had my morning poo, but my mandi only went so far as my face and arm pit's. I had also received a letter in the post, from Mum, that included some photo's of my parents trip to Denmark to see there friends Torban and Liz, although I didn't know that until I saw the pictures and read the letter.
At 11:30am, Aji and I went to the warung and had some breaklunch, because we had no food at home, we had a lovely meal, then at 12:30pm we left and Aji dropped me on route to Elise's house, I caught a bus, then walked a further distance to get to her house, although I'd only been there once before, I remembered the way, which was lucky. I stayed there until 6pm, talking and admiring her boundless beauty, her eye's upon me, make's me feel like putty. But the time came all to quick, I left a little dismayed, apparently her father doesn't want her to have any boyfriends, I'd really love to paint her. I left Elise's house and walked up the road to the bus stop, accompanied by some bloke, we talked as we walked.
I caught the number four bus back to Pancisilla, then found my way through the hundreds of close set houses back home to Lengkong. You have to walk down very narrow walkways, it reminded me of a rat run. I should imagine it was very much similar to a pre great fire London. On the way back to Aji's house, I stopped and bought some noodles, egg's, coffee and sugar. When I got back to Lengkong, Aji wasn't home, and I sat outside with the bechak driver's, talking and singing.
Aji returned home at about 7:30pm, he joined me with the bechak driver's, then we both went inside and I cooked us up some noodles and egg. Then at about 9pm, we left on Aji's motorbike to town, and went to the cinema and watched Robin Hood at about 10pm, the film was very entertaining, and I was very glad to see that most of the actor's, well, apart from Kev, were British.
We returned home, made some coffee and talked for a while, as we were talking , I lied down and pulled the sheet over me, and ceased conversation, actually ceased stayed awake, I suppose it was about 1am. My lips are very dry and cracked, still with a covering of purple, but now bleeding more and more frequently, I sure they'll be better tomorrow.


Blogger Storm said...

It's always so good to receive letters and pictures from home when you are far away. They are so very special.


4:34 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

He Cara, it's just amazing isn't it, it feel's like there is a connection again, I wonder why I never thought to take some photo's of my family with me when I went.
Thanks for your shout here, take care.

9:04 pm  

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