30 January 1992, Thursday.

I awoke a t 6am, my bladder straining, but still withstanding leakage, I went for a wee, and on the way back upstairs I noticed that I hadn't locked the window, and it would have been very easy for someone to get in during the night. Although, I don't think anyone had done, and I locked everything so that when Aji woke up, he would would have thought that it had been locked all night. Then I went back upstairs and went back to sleep.
At 11am, I awoke for the second time, feeling very hungry and weak, my stomach was renching like some ringed pre-fabricated rubber, I bet you don't know what that looks like. I lay for a while, writing last night's entry, then heard some voices downstairs. Two of Aji's friend's came upstairs and asked where Aji was, they left and I went downstairs. The women next door asked if I'd eaten, which they new I hadn't, on account of the fact we didn't have any food in the house, and I hadn't been out yet. My stomach forced me to accept the women's offering, and then thanked me by not stretching and contracting in spiradic, painful intervals.
The cold sore's are still there in their hord's, I washed my lip's, and got most of the purple and green stuff off, then re-applied more purple stuff.
At 3pm, I was already on a public transport mini bus heading for school, going to meet Elise, I had arranged to go to her house two day's earlier. I suppose she's kind of my girlfriend, she's very beautiful. So, with my umbrella rolled up and held infront of my face, I started talking to her outside the school. She pulled the umbrella away, saw my hideous purple coloured lip blister's and apparently really didn't care, and said I was silly for hiding them. Everyone else has laughed at me, which obviously make's me feel even better about them. Anyway, I didn't go back to her house for some reason, I couldn't really understand, I'm going round there tomorrow. Elise caught her bus home and I walked back to the school, talked for a while, then went with Asep, first to one of his friend's, then to another's, the same pretty girl that we visited a couple of day's ago. We sat and talked, then looked out of the window to see a massive black cloud, covering the sky. That was the sign of our departure, before the rain fell to hard.
A bus came along just as it started to spit, I came straight home to Lenkong. Agie still hadn't returned, I stood talking with the bechak driver's for a while, then locked the house up and left to go to Herun's house at 8pm.
Got to Herun's house and talked and ate, drank and had some dorean(big weird spikey fruit, I tried before in Carita, but didn't like it) and really liked it, I didn't before, then watched some television and left at 12:30am and started walking back to Lengkong, on the way stopping at the telephone office, and made a collect call home, to ask whether anyone(Dad, Ian) had already bought a ticket for Indonesia. The answer from my Mum was no, so it look's as though I'll be home within the month.
Am I excited? Am I sad? I really don't know.
Me and my Mum talked for about half an hour about everything and nothing, and the time flew past, I put down the phone, and started walking home to Lenkong. Whilst walking back,I thought of my life here and my life back in England, I sung some song's, I've realised that I am going to really miss Tasikmalaya and Indonesia. Got home and went upstairs after checking that I had locked everything up this time, and started writing today's episode in the journal. I'm sitting outside the bedroom on the wooden table/bench thingy, I just done some exercising, and looking in the mirror, I have noticed that most of my hideous sore's have dried up, but there still purple and not at all kissable. I'll go to sleep now, I was going to meditate, but my stiff neck and lazy eye's and dragging me to bed.
Once upon the bed, I close my eye's, at about 2am.
This new book seem's to be making me write more, I think that it's the thousands of blank page's that are left in this book, and my knowledge that I may not be here much longer.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

I know I'm well behind here, but i wanted to mention that your doodles on lined paper are better than the fancy high-dollar stuff using the best materials, in galleries!
I'm enjoying catching up, it's rather nice reading it all at once like this, it's like a book and is all flowing one page after another. Hope all's well with you guys. I've missed you a lot. Wish I could explain without everyone reading. As it is I fear I said too much at Rene's, where others could read it. It's just that I was so happy to "see" Rene, I wanted to explain everytihng! Anyway, I'm going to keep reading...:)

2:09 am  

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