9 November 1991, Saturday.

I got up at, don't know what time really, checked on Anass, she's fine, buried in the ground asleep, where I left her. I just sitting, writing outside my room, watching the chi-jacks and the ants. I'll eat and then mandi, then I'll go and release Anass in the forest.
Just went into the toilet, and saw the biggest spider on the wall, I tried to splat him with the broom handle, but he's mentally quick, and was the other side of the room. Not scary enough.
I ate with the man at the losmen, came back to the losmen, picked Anass up, and left for the forest in the rain. I've got a really good cagool, that breaths. The rain got really hard, but I continued walking, further and further along a track up the mountain, and just when I thought there was no chance of people around, I stopped and took the rope off, but I couldn't quite get the nail out of his tail, I let him go, but he got caught up on some vine, it was horrible, I got him back and was just holding him in the rain.
All of a sudden, three Indonesian men with massive bales of sticks on there backs appeared from knowhere. I don't know how I explained my trouble, but he understood, and pulled out a huge machete, I thought he was going to cut Anass's poor little tail off, but he freed the nail and pulled it out. Anass walked off into the forest, I thanked the men, they disappeared as quick as they arrived.
The rain ruined my hat, I walked back down the muddy paths and towards Asna's, got to the village and played football with the local kids, went a saw Asna, told her that I was leaving to Bogor very soon, she completely understood, I gave her my only precious thing, my watch, which my Dad bought me when I was sixteen.
Yunis turned up, and as it got dark, we walked out of the village and got some food at the warung. Yunis told me that I shouldn't have given my watch away.
Returned to the raitha losmen, had a mandi and changed my clothes. Met Asna and her friend, we all went to the pictures again. All again on my pocket, I'm feeling like a bit of a fool, have I been so blind, and is my money the most hansom part of me. We all travel back and I leave Assna on the roadside at about 11:30pm, I'm very disappointed, the dismay hung on my face like old age.
I went and met Yunis, he was at Mr Amir's house, we all talked, had coffee and smoked kreteks(fags) and I felt a little happier. We left at about 1am, and Yunis walked me back to the losmen, I tried to explain that I was highly strung, and things were just annoying me, I was going to bed, which would have been the best thing for me to do, but instead, I went for a drink with Yunis up at the prostitutes shack/warung.
I bought a big bottle of rice wine and some bintang beers, chasing the rice wine with big bottles of bintang beer. Basically, I got very drunk indeed, and landed myself in trouble, its all abit blurey, but I was so drunk, I tried to kiss the big spider that I had seen in the bathroom earlier, which was on my bedroom wall when I got back from the warung, the spider was gone before my lips hit the wall, thank heavens.
But well, tida masala(no problem) I'm going to go to Bogor tomorrow, I'll say goodbye to everyone, and never return, even though I love the place.


Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Do you still think the most handsome thing about you was your money? As George Harrison said, "and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"
So sad goodbyes are. But they are a necessary part of life, it makes our time so much more precious.

I look forward to tomorrow. Personal favorite is "Feel my Heat", but I look forward to the new songs too. Like your song for your rene too, tourist?

2:19 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

No, I was a fool, it didn't really occur to me, how rich I was in comparison with everyone I met. I was just an insecure child, I jumped on the first reason I could to leave the and mis-judge everyone. I was a real fool.
I really loved your post here, such beautiful words, thankyou so much. I love George Harrison. Thankyou for this lovely message, I was a real wally.

2:51 am  
Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

Good thing you diddin't kiss that spider! You'd have a big fat lip. It must have been hard to say goodbye, I imagine. Can't wat for the next entry!


3:29 am  
Blogger Karel said...

Getting drunk at a warung full of prostitutes sounds like a bad idea, Mikey. It's pretty hillarious though reading about it years after. hahaha. Bintang is actually a decent beer don't you think?

And I'm sorry to read about the whole money thing. I know how that feels. It hurst everytime..

Take care, teman..

4:27 am  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

You have a beautiful soul yourself, Mikey.It shines!
You radiate in an opposite way than Asna, I'm sure you were good for her,
like sunshine through her clouds, the brief time you were around.
As you know yourself, sometimes we just can't know the significant effect we have on people,
with just the most seemingly minor of gestures.
I admit I got a tear trickling down my face when I read about your watch - you know how I feel about Asna.
Thank you Mikey. : )

4:39 am  

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