7 November 1991, Thursday.

That's right, its been two weeks, I'm not home or heading that way, and I don't want to be. I was an early riser this morning, waking at around 7am, so I was just lounging around. Me and Yunis have arranged to go snorkeling today, and see the blumin coral(sorry I'm excited). We did, it was amazing, very shallow water, but coral and beautiful fish. We spent the whole day in the water or on the beach, the sea is like a warm bath, I really had the best time.
Headed back to the Raitha losmen, had a mandi, and then went to the warung for something to eat. It was getting dark, so we went back to the Raitha losmen, drank some coffee and talked until about 8:30pm, I sat and drew a strange picture of a women with a face for a body, I don't know why, I suppose I'm just a little strange.
We went out for a walk (jalan jalan), went to a hotel for a bit, then sat in a shelter on the side of the road with some locals and drank some coffee and smoked. I also learnt some Sundanese, which is the language of West Java, and Asna's first language. Sunda, as they call it, is a lot different to Indonesian.
I found out a few things today, it turns out that just off the coast is the famous volcano Krakatu. It blew up almost 100 years ago, to the day, and sent a tidal wave 500 miles into Java, killing almost the whole population of the area. This is why the beach is called Carita, this means Story, the story beach, because people said it was haunted. You can just make out three islands off the shore, and it turns out, that Krakatu used to cover all of them, but after the explosion, didn't exist. What a story, I'll look into it further.
I was really tired out and headed back to the guest house, got into bed, and noticed another big lizard in my room, this time it was a Tokay gecko, managed to get a photo of it, now I'm off to sleep.


Blogger Kid Ric said...

Very interestng Mikey. Leapin' lizards!

Peace, love and light.

2:53 pm  
Anonymous Bblayla said...


Love the journal--very interesting. Snorkeling is one of my favorite things to do in the world. We try to plan a vacation around it almost every year--I guess that is why I have a saltwater aquarium..I see something new everyday.

Take care,

5:10 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Kid Ric, love the pictures of you on your site, you look like a real cool dude, nice one mate, I love the hog.
Hi Belinda, I love snorkeling too, but I have so many loves, it's hard to fit them all in. I love aquariums, I have a tropical fresh water aquarium, that I keep Rainbow fish, of many different varieties, they glow, they're great, nice to hear about yours, I'd like to hear more please.

10:32 pm  
Blogger Karel said...

Hi Mikey,
Snorkeling is always fun and Geckos are friends against the mosquitos. I remember my grandma's had soo many of them, they were almost a part of the family.

The drawing is awesome. Simply amazing I think. The shapes are complex yet it is so simple with just two color of white and blue. Great stuff.

Happy day, Mikey.

12:26 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Karel, I love snorkeling, and lizards but them tokay's are scary, the lizard under Ursula's bed was a bungelon, I found out later, I prefere chijaks. Although, whilst in Pangandaran nature reserve, I saw a huge yellow and black monitor lizard. We get some lizards in England, I've caught them in the New Forest.
Anyway thanks for the comment Karel, you put this blog in perspective, thankyou mate.

1:00 am  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Hi Mikey,
Course I'm still reading. I like lizards myself. I used to love to catch tiny Salamanders as a girl. Lizards are just so cool, calm and collected. But I wouldn't want to find one in my bed.
I tried snorkelig in Israel. I went with a group of people, slowed everyone down, couldn't get the breathing right. But it was beautiful when I finally did. Eilat is right across from Lebanon and there was fighting at the time, so I think that's what had me a little freaked. Oh sorry this is your travel journal, not mine. See why I try not to comment too much!
So smart of you to keep a journal. I think keeping a record of your life's experiences shows true appreciation for life. Thanks for sharing.

3:44 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

No problem Susie, I would love to hear more about your travel's, it sounds really cool. Thankyou for posting up here, I love your comments, they are full of vitality, and I enjoy reading your blog, I've been reading Pete's novella as well, and really enjoying it also, thankyou for sharing.

2:19 pm  

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