4 November 1991, Monday.

Today, I was awoken by Ursula, banging on my window at around 10am, I got up, had a dump then answered her rude wake up call. Yunis was outside, and we all went to the warung opposite and ate, after food, we walked Ursala up the road to the ' Raitha ' losmen(guest house).
Yunis then took Ursala north to a place called 'Ciragong', it was a bus journey. I went to Asna's house, the pretty 17 year old I met the other night. Where I was mobbed by screaming hords of children. Luckily, knowing a little Indonesian, I embarassed some of them, when I understood, what the rude words they were saying to me meant. Yeah, I can speak a little Indonesian now, I stayed at Asna's house until about 6pm, talking, learning Indonesian and flirting. Asna says she loves me, I think she hasn't got her English quite right. Yunis was telling me that a couple in Indonesia will decide to marry after two weeks of meeting, he said that was normal here.
Yunis and Ursala returned from there travels, and visiting Asna, we all had some coffee together and then we left.
I returned to the Bakara losmen, picked up my gear and have joined Ursula at the Raitha losmen, where I will share a room with Ursala(two beds) which only costs me 2500rp per night.
I had a wash(mandi), then we walked to Yunis's house and he joined us, and we all ate in the krakatu warung (cafe), and met an English lout from Portsmouth, I suppose he was ok though. After food, we took a casual walk up the beach, chatted, then Ursula decided shes wanted to sleep, so we walked her back and then went walking. We walked up to the warungs that sold beer and rice wine, and I was propositioned, a night of passion for 20000rp, but we had a couple of beers instead.
We walked some more, until we came to a warung where they had just caught some fresh crabs and shrimps, they were all fried and served with rice, very tasty. By 1:30am we started walking back. I have arranged to see Asna again tomorrow. Yunis is taking Ursala to the waterfall tomorrow, he fancies her so much.


Blogger Karel said...

How pretty is this Ursala and Asna girl?!? Is Asna in the picture there? And Yunis shifted his expertise pretty damn quick, didn't he?

I loveeee the new pictures, Mikey. I'm sure the kids didn't really meant what they said to you. You blend right in there with them..

Oh, I didn't notice the "chinta pada mu Sandy" on the previous blog. Haha..that's so awesome..

Great stuff, Mikey.

9:05 am  
Blogger Johanna in Vista said...

Hi Mikey!

So enjoying reading your adventures.

I dream of traveling one day. On this day, I am kind of strapped down raising my kids. So, for now, I'll live my dreams out reading about your travels.

I love reading about the food, the people, the tea! What fun!

Thanks. Keep on keepin it real.

Jo in Vista

4:36 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Karel, Asna's wearing a red t-shirt, and in the bottom picture, and I can't actually remember what Ursuala looked like. Well, it was a long time ago, I can't even remember Sandy either, oh well.Thanks for reading mate.
Hi Jo in vista, glad your enjoying the trip so far, I will keep it real, its so funny typing this out, it feels weird sometimes, thankyou for leaving your comment, I keep thinking there's knowone out there. Well I do now. Thankyou.

6:06 pm  

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