31 October 1991, Thursday.

It's been only a week but it feels like four years, probably because I've seen so much though.
I awoke this morning at around 9:30am after having several dreams about being back home, and back home in hospital with all my family around me, they were all loosely based around my return to England after the first week(Just like when I went to France for six months, and returned ten days later).
I crossed the road and ate breakfast in the little warung(cafe) oposite, then walked up the beach in search of the others who were going to Ujung Kulon National park, found them and told them to meet us at 7am, then bumped into Nita again, I returned to my guest house, ate some fish and rice, went out for another walk up the road this time, chatting to people, just walking.
At 5pm I got washed and dressed and to 'The Ray's' beach house for dinner, they barbecued some huge tuna, but they weren't the most logical of people and just put the whole fish on the grill. I chirped up, and proposed that we chop them in half, so that they cooked quicker, but they had none of it. Later, they took the fish(enak) off the barby and steamed them. It was a lovely dinner, mashed potatoes, carrots and steamed/barbecued tuna, very european. We ate, then played cards, it was at this time that Emily leaned to the side, and one of her big boobs fell out of here top, she briskly plopped it back in, and I contained my hysteria to my mind, were I laughed for the entire evening. They all went to bed at around 10pm, so I left.
I went to the warung and bought some water, mosquito coils( insectercide), mosquito creme, stomach and dirorea pills and last but by no means least importantly, I bought a mosquito net, because I've realised that I have a golf ball size bite on my leg, there not smaller than English mosquito's, it was all a ruse.
I then headed back to the guest house in the pitch black. I threw my things in my room and then went to Mr. Ujung Kulung national park rangers house(Mr Amir Hasan). Stayed til about 12 midnight, then with Unus, went back to his, talked with his friends for about an hour, then Unus scared the life out of me, with a big dead spider.
At that point, I decided it was my bedtime, and returned to the guest house.
I started writing the journal, but then fell asleep whilst in the process, so I'm actually writing this on the 1st November in the rangers office in Labuhan.


Blogger Jessica said...

You know...I can dig the whole exploration thing...but a NET OVER THE BED to keep the bugs off?

Can you say..SHUDDER? Gross.

I'm afraid I wouldn't be good company in southeast Asia. I'm sorry.

12:20 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Oh no Jessica, there's so many more bugs to come as well, come on. You know that, when you see bugs in the wild, they ain't creepy, its only when bugs walk in our sanitised rooms they look scary. I hope you can get over your fear and keep travelling with me in the journal.
You write such great comments.

2:35 pm  

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