2 November 1991, Saturday.

Today I awoke at around 9am and had a shower (well, its not a shower exactly, its tipping little buckets of water over yourself), but I do have soap. I then had some tea on the veranda, took in the morning air, and then went off to Labuhan with Yunis (I think I've been spelling Unus's name wrong, it should be spelt, Yunis).
We went to the fish market, where they were selling sharks, baracuda, sprats, squid, cuttlefish, tuna, shrimp and lobsters, it all smelt a tad.
It rained from 10am to 1pm, we made our way back to Carita( which is the name of area I am staying in, well actually its the name of the beach). Got back at about 2pm and then sat on the beach and talked to Sandy. She's absolutely beautiful, a sweet sixteen, real songwriting material (chinta pada mu Sandy). Well, she doesn't speak any English, and was trying to sell me things all the time, I suppose it's just carnal lust I feel.
It's around 3:30pm, and I'm sitting in a little hut talking on the beach, I then go back to the guest house, had a mandi (the shower thing, with little buckets of water) and then waited for the food that I had arranged with Sandy, to be brought around to my room. I hadn't eaten all day, except for a little fruit and bread in the morning, and I was famished.
Sandy arrived with the food, and her husband (bummer) at around 6:30pm. Prawns, peeled by Sandy's fair hands, rice, cucumber and a gorgeous sauce, it was delicious. The guest house owner tucked in, and so did Yunis, I ate until I could eat no more. The whole meal came to 16000rp, which was a tad expensive, but she was so pretty, I paid with a smile on my face.
With Yunis, I went to Mr Amir's house just past 7pm. They were all eating Durian ( it's a huge fruit, with spikes on the outside, and white pulpey inside, with apparently alcoholic content), I tried it, but it wasn't to my taste, but it seemed everyone else loved it. At around midnight, me and Yunis left, I thought the night was over, but I thought wrong.
After leaving Mr Amir's, we went back to Yunis's house, and his friends were there with a guitar, we all played and sung on the veranda, after a while we left and went walking ( jalan jalan). We walked up the road a little, then stopped in a warung, but it wasn't a warung, it was another prostitute place, it's funny, these places are great, there really friendly, and are very much like little bars with music playing, and beers and rice wine to be drunk. We had a beer, and I was propositioned by the prettiest young girl, who asked for no payment, because she said she loved me. Hmmmm? We started talking, and a van pulled up, she jumped in, shouting back to me to stay there until she came back.
We didn't, and started walking back towards my guest house.
On the way, we met some more girls, who looked very young, but I was told again, that I was loved by an enchanting 17 year old, we all talked for a while, these were not prostitutes, and we arranged to meet them tomorrow. That girl who said she fancied me was gorgeous, ah well.
We left the pretty girls and walked back to the guest house, Yunis went home, and I went to bed, inside the protection of my mosquito net. Very tired now. Mari (night).


Blogger jillytee said...

I'm so enjoying this,....I can picture it all while I'm reading.
It's a bit like listening to the radio, you know when it's quiet and you can get lost in somebody else's story..

5:06 pm  
Blogger Jessica said...

I have a feeling if I were to try and bathe with a bucket, it'd take a long, long time to shampoo and rinse my hair (really thick and long). I'm noticing there are a lot of girls you've got your eye on at this point...I can't wait to read the next installment! ;) Hopefully, if you had a sexual experience, it went better than the one I had in Russia with a very nice looking man.

5:22 pm  
Blogger Karel said...

There it is..there it is..the durian..haha..pretty cool..

I think this is the best installment yet, Mikey. Girls were all over you like mosquitos.

The picture with people sitting in the living room drinking coffee really makes me miss my grandpa. That's exactly the scene in his house every afternoon. Fried banana and cassava for snacks..

Another excellent one, Mikey. Terima kasih, teman..


6:56 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Thanks Jill, keep coming back.
Hey Jessica, taking a long time to soap up is ok, the bucket has a little handle on it, and you've a big resevoir of water to take from, its good. You'd love it.
About the girls thing, your right, I've really noticed it whilst typing it out, I'm obsessed arne't I, I suppose I was only 19 though. Hey Jessica, what happened in Russia, hey?
Thanks for your cool comment.

7:02 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Apa kabar Karel, its funny looking back through these photo's and the journal again, some bit's I remember like they were yesterday, and others I've completely forgot about. Thanks for your brilliant words mate. Hope you have a good day, take care teman.

7:07 pm  
Blogger Dale said...

Dear Mikey

I am really enjoying reading this! It is taking me away...
The closest I have been to your Indonesian experience is mine in Fiji, but I can still quite relate to it.
I love seafood of any kind!
The girls appear rather forward...
Or, was it you?


7:31 pm  
Blogger Jessica said...

Well, he was my pen pal, and it was a foreign, new, exciting place, and he was VERY handsome, but he couldn't speak a word of English, and my Russian was awful, and the body odor was horrendous, and it was too far along to back out graciously. Use your imagination.

7:41 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

I'm glad your with me on this Dale, Fiji sounds great though. I love seafood too. About the girls, none of them were that forward, I'm just easy to talk to, and I wasn't shy. Thanks.
Hey Jessica, thanks for coming back on that 'Russia' story, I get the picture, still sounds really romantic though. Scent provokes such strong memories though, doesn't it. Imagination used, thankyou.

7:53 pm  
Blogger Jessica said...


7:58 pm  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

I like this installment, the young romantic Mikey, but such a good boy going home to that mosquito net everynight alone. I think you should post a warning if things get more, you know, " romantic" (ha ha)
I hate to address this here but, where did Jessica read the independant review? Never mind, I'm not interested in reading anything negative about Michael Cuthbert. Everyone has an opin, just like they have an A**hole.
Most likely he needed to feel like a gave a "balanced" review. Just part of the "game". See that word applies here!

10:30 pm  

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