3 November 1991, Sunday.

Got up at around 10am, had a mandi(wash) and now I'm sitting on the veranda drinking teh(tea). Soon my whole diary will be in (bahasar Indonesia) Indonesian.
I was just working out how long I've been here now, 11 days (s'pulu hari) and I've realised that I've outlasted my 10 day record ( relating to France ), and soon it will be more than two weeks. I should be in Bogor by then.... I think I'm going, I've gone!
Oh yeah, I rememeber, I think I'm going to go to Singapore at the end of my two month visa (dua bulan), so that I can come back and have another two months.
I had some more tea, talked to passing people and then got some food at the warung opposite. Yunis came by, and we went for a walk along the beach, there were a group of Indonesians with a guitar, we sat with them, had a bit of a sing song, mostly Beatles and Rolling Stones.
We then went to the Krakatu warung, and had some coffee (copi), there we met a German woman, and a Swiss girl with an Australian accent, also two English ornathologists(birdwatchers), Steve and Keith, we all played cards for a while, then I told Ursala (swiss girl) about my hotel (Bakara Losmen), because she had said she was staying a the Krakatu beach house, which is very exspensive compared to mine. Then Yunis chirped up and told her of an even cheaper hotel called the 'Rita'. Hmmmmm, I thought, why didn't you tell me, he must be getting a comission at my one.
Well we left there and went walking, I tried some rice wine in a little warung at about 11:30pm, but didn't stop for long, headed back home to Bakara losmen. Crawled into my mosquito net, and had a really good nights sleep. Salamat malam( good night ).


Blogger Jessica said...

That sounds so relaxing and fun. 11 days! You're a trooper!

1:12 pm  
Blogger Karel said...

Selamat sore, Mikey.
Looked like it was a pretty mellow day. Playing the guitar on the beach must've been memorable. It's surprising how many people like The Beatles and The Stones down there.

And your vocab is exponentially expanding. Excellent.


5:13 pm  
Blogger Storm said...

I find it simply amazing how music can bridge different cultures together.


5:59 pm  
Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

It must have been nice seeing some fellows from your country in another country. Jeez, what are the odds? Love the blog.


5:31 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Jessica, are you taking the michael out of mikey?
Cheers Karel, little by little saya blajar bahasar Indonesia, thankyou for supporting me mate.
Hi Storm,I've always said that music is the real international language, I agree, thanks for commenting.
Hi Kevin, actually I wasn't that happy at the time, I thought, I've come all this way and I still can't leave England behind. Weird eh, anyway, thanks mate, keep on truckin'.

5:59 pm  

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