26 November 1991, Tuesday.

My eyes gave birth to a new day, it was around 10am, and I am the laziest of cad's, rather, hip, hip, ho ra, the king isn't dead long live the shrimp.
Sometimes, I read back these entries and wonder why I would ever be such a fool, as to waste his time writing such stupid sentences, I have not answered this question yet.

Anyway, on with the day, I had some breakfast, which in this house, is the same meal I have for lunch and dinner, but actually I really like it. I then lazed around, and then went up onto the flat roof of the house and meditated alone.
I had a great time, I cut myself off from reality and thought, and assumed only space. I came down after an hour or so, had some more food, and then wrote this, while listening to Sade, being played in the background.
We then left for the pre-pat school, and talked to the lecturers again, and then I took a class for an hour, I taught them mostly pronouciation, it went very well, and seemed to cause the desired effect.
Tomorrow, I will sign a contract for 3 months, with a monthly salary in advance of 150 000rp, that is about £50, but that is a massive amount here, and more than enough to live on.
I walked home very proud of myself, had some more food, and a mandi, and then started talking to Agus and Esep about a local form of matial art that I could learn while I'm here. Esep told me that he practices the style and challenged me to match, so we'll see which is more effective, seeing as I have boxed a little back at home.
It's around 9pm, but I'm quite tired again, and I've got to be up early tomorrow for my first proper lesson, and the start of a new time for me here. So, I'm off to bed.
Salamat tidur.


Blogger Karel said...

Pencak Silat vs. Boxing?!? Can't wait for the outcome of that..=]

Yes, I think I am going to Bandung, Mikey. A day after Natal actually. I was thinking; if Tasikmalaya is close enough, I would like to visit the address in the picture.

Oh yeah, let me know if you want anything specific from Indonesia, Mikey. I am more than happy to look for it and send it to you..

You make me very very homesick with the journal, Mikey. Haha. It's good though..it'll make the trip even better..


6:15 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Karel, I never knew how to spell it, I always thought it was Punjat Silat. Thanks. Hey Asep, the guy who said he would spa with me, chickened out, I was almost twice his size, but I did spar with the teacher of Pencak silat, from Tasikmalaya, he could do Pencak silat mystic, lets just say that he won quite quickly, amazing style, it's amazing that the fighter becomes like the animal and his face changes, and his movement's change, quite scary.
Hey don't go to that address, although they were put me up there, I soon found money going missing from my bag, and had to move out. It was then that I met and moved in with a great friend called Agie, he was like the fonz, black leather jacket, shades and loads of really cool motocycles, we got on really well, I miss Agie.
Thankyou so much Karel, but there are so many things, like ketchup, I've never seen it since returning home, and samsung's and everything, I hope you have a brilliant time mate, I envy you, you must blog all about it, cheers teman.

2:55 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

I love ( let's see if I can spell it)
Muoy Tai boxing?
I admit it. I think it's badass, but also beautiful and...reverential, I guess. Very...I'm having trouble coming
up with a word for it. Steeped in tradition is partly what I'm trying to say.Respectful of each other in a way that I don't see with regular boxing.
Also regular boxing looks clumsy compared to it.

But I actually was going to say,what
a funny and ironic 1st paragraph to this journal entry!
" Why am I even writing all this dumb stuff for, anyway?"
Ha! Now we know why!!! So that you could post it on a blog and give people like me a glimpse of a world I would otherwise not know. Pretty cool.

8:17 pm  

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