23 November 1991, Saturday.

I woke up at 9am this morning, I had some breakfast and then left for the high street to buy a belt. I was given simple instructions how to get there, although I didn't buy a belt, I bought a lovely shirt, that cost 19000rp, its hand printed 'batik'.
After I got back from shopping, I went to the pre-pat school with Agus and Tantan, where I talked to the principle and a couple of lecturers, they asked me some really hard questions, I didn't really understand, so I started making words up, and speaking really fast, and then said, that's the answer.
My gambit paid off, none of the teachers wanted to admit that they didn't understand me, well they couldn't of done, I completely made words up.
I then took a class for 15 minutes, as another test, it all seemed to go ok. The principle is going to come round and speak to me tomorrow, at Agus's house.
Agus, Tantan and me all got a bechak(rik-shaw) back to the house, it was pouring with rain.
We got back and had something to eat, and after food, Tantan and his mother were trying to teach me some Sunda. I don't quite know what happened, but it seemed Tantan got a little annoyed with me, I don't know why, something about the way I spoke to him.
But instead of telling me that I had upset him or annoyed him, he's just ignoring me, how annoying.
Later on, Tantan asked me to accompany him to his room, I did, and he explained that he had heard aggression in my voice, and although he did not like it, he had put it down to my age. Well thanks a bloody lot Tantan, I liked that, as you can imagine, it wasn't the type of person I was, no, it was just my age, never mind the fact that Tantan was the same age as me.
He also said that he couldn't teach me the language anymore, and that was ok with me, so I done my best to forget about it.
Later we went to an Artist's house near by, he wasn't in, but I saw some of his work, and it was really good. We left there and just went wandering around town, I don't know why, but there seem's to be alot of pressure on me to get a lady friend, well actually more than one they said.
There were some really amazing girls around though, and I couldn't resist flirting with them.
We then walked back home, and then on to Esep's house. He's a singer that they call Mick Jagger, he seem's really nice, we watched football and then some 'Rolling Stones' video's and a film with, oh I've forgotten his name, oh well. Anyway, that finished at about 3am, we left, I was really tired.
We got back, Tantan went straight to sleep and me and Agus had some noodles with egg and rice, lovely. I finished my food and went straight to bed, climbing in the security of my big blue mosquito net, ahhhh. Salamat malam(goodnight).


Blogger Jessica said...

Jeez, why was he so touchy with you? And why couldn't he teach you the language anymore? Are they easily offended there?

2:40 pm  
Blogger Kara said...

Good work on that interview :)
(I've gotten more than a few jobs by "bullshitting" my interviewer)
I'm curious how difficult it was to teach English, were you fluent in Indonesian? Do they have more than one native language? I have never heard of Sunda.

Take care,

4:17 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Jeez, I hate when people create drama out of really what is nothing!Where they make a big deal of something that is a really a non-issue, or maybe an old issue.
Tan Tan overreacted. Waaay overreacted.


10:22 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Jessica, thanks for your comment, I maybe think that my journal doesn't describe that I do have an aggressive nature, although I am totally laid back, I can sound arrogant and aggressive if someone pisses me off, I suppose what I mean is, I can't remember that specific time, or what I said to him, but I know that my feelings are always very close to the surface, and maybe they spilled out. Actually, its not arragant or aggressive, its me being passionate I think, thanks for sticking up for me though.
Hey Lisa, I suppose this applies to your lovely comment as well, thankyou for posting here so often, I really appreciate it.
Hi Kara, firstly, I wasn't fluent at that time, but I was already getting by, that was so funny in that interview, I can't believe I made up so many words.
Secondly, Indonesia has over 3000 dialects and one common language that every Indonesian must learn, which is Indonesian, that's the one I learnt, I also learnt a little Sundanese, which is the dialect of West Java, although it was nearly wiped out when Krakatu exploded causing a Tsunarmi that destroyed much of West Java, over one hundred years ago. Thanks for your comment Kara. Hope you can come back and comment again.

2:36 pm  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

why was there so much pressure for you to find a lady friend? did they want you to have just one? was this to prove your heterosexuality or your loyalty in some way? or did they think you needed someone to care for you or stabilize you?

3:57 pm  
Anonymous Lucy (tammy girl) said...

could i ask if there is a topshop there? ha ha ha...
lovin the blog, blog buddy you are a true sweetie.
love Lucy (Tammy girl)

9:48 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Lzygrl, I don't really know, there was a pre-conception that because I was white and western, I could have anyone I wanted, it was a bit like being a film star, quite surreal really. Also, I suppose they wanted to see me in action, it was weird, I wasn't there to pull, and it hadn't been that long since leaving Asna, although nothing really happened there with her, it's just so long ago. Thanks for posting up a comment.
Thanks blog buddy, sorry, no top-shop, although there was loads of clothes shops I sure you would have loved. Thanks for posting here Lucy, take care.

9:50 am  

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