25 November 1991, Monday.

I woke up at around 10am, slowly I worked through my morning schedule, of a mandi(wash), and then some breakfast and chatting to the family. Then Agus with Dodo, the lovely little girl, who get's away with murder, and me all went shopping, we went to the big shop that I went to before(the one where I bought the shirt), and looked around. There were loads of girls in there, and they were all smiling at me, I'm some kind of idol here. We went to the cafeteria, there was this huge aquarium in there, filled by huge great fish, Agus was talking to some girls and I took Dodo to watch the fish. It was sweet, she wanted me to pick her up, so she could get a better view, I think she's warming to me, or becoming less shy.
We then went to the pre-pat school, Agus and Dodo went backt to the house and I stayed and talked to the principle, and he offered to put me up at the school if I had any problems at Agus's house. He has also invited me to his house on saturday, then another lecturer invited me to his house, I didn't have much luck explaining to him, that it would be inpolite to accept his offer, as I had just accepted another offer, which was on the same day.
At about 3:30pm, I caught a bus back to Agus's, and on my return, went and played volley ball just up the road.
I gave it my everything, and lauching myself to get a wide ball, I fell to the ground and cut my arm and grazed my knee. Result, that didn't hurt enough. I'd had enough, and returned to the house, for some reason I'm really homesick at the moment. When I got back, I had some food(makan), and then talked to the guy that had been in the lounge last night, he turn's out to be the eldest brother, who everyone had completely forgotten to mention existed, funny.
His name is Endang, he seem's like a nice bloke, we chatted for ages, then I got tired and decided to have an early night, I still feel a bit strange.


Blogger Jessica said...

I have some questions. Do you still keep in contact with any of your southeast Asian buddies, AND, did you lose anyone in the tsunami of 2004?

7:01 pm  
Blogger Karel said...

Wow..there's an address on the picture..how far is tasikmalaya from bandung, Mikey?!?

3:32 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Jessica, as you will find out through the journal, I met millions of friends there, and found it to hard to keep in touch, half of the time, I got letters from people I never even remembered, and the people I cared about didn't have the means to communicate with me once I'd gone back home. It's really weird, to care for people and then never see or hear from them again, I have always maintained to myself that I would return someday, so I don't know if anyone I knew was affected by the Tsunami, but the day I found out about it, I cried hard, and saw in my minds eye, lots of beautiful people dying, they may have been people I knew, or just met, or saw briefly, but the fact remains, this still makes me very sad.
Thankyou Jessica, for making me face these feeling's again. I really do mean this, I'm not being sarcastic, I hope you understand.

Hi Karel mate, I can't be sure, but I know its pretty close. Its halfway between Yogakarta and Bandung, I think. Hey are you going to Bandung for Hari Natal, I'm very jealous, I will return one day. Cheers Karel, let me know?

6:46 pm  

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