17 November 1991, Sunday.

Got up at 9am and packed all my things away, even though my ti-shirts were still wet. Me and Oman had some breakfast, and at around 11am, I left. I said my goodbyes to Oman and Dani, who had both accompanied me to the bus station on another bus. Such brief great friendship, I thanked Oman again, and got on a bus that took me from Bandung all the way to Pangandaran.

Pangandaran is a small penisula on the south coast of Java, there's a nature reserve right at the end of the penisula. As I got on the bus, I asked the driver in my best Indonesian, who long it would take to get to Pangandaran, he told me it would take around 6 hours. We'll see, I was told two and a half hours from Jakarta to Labuhan, and that took six hours, so who know's.

The bus left Bandung at 1pm, and from this point on, I had no track of time. We stopped, had some food, I sat next to an old couple first, then they got off and Mrs. Fishy got on and sat next to me, she had a big basket of fish on her lap and absolutely stunk! Then Miss. Perfume sat next to her on the other side, the two smells battled in out for the remainder of the journey.
The only trouble with these buses is, well I think that the seat were designed for smaller than average Indonesian dwarf's, you may understand how comfatable I am, especially after five hours of not being able to stretch my legs.

I got to Pangandaran at 7pm, so the bus driver was spot on with the time. When I got off the bus, I didn't know where I was, so I jumped on a bechak(rik-shaw peddle powered taxi thingy) and headed for the 'Minus 2', the guide book said it was a good place to stay, but obviously everyone had the same guide book as me, and it was completely full. I asked the bechak driver if he knew of any cheap places around, and he took me up the road to the 'Rawamangun' a very clean, friendly run place(run by four brothers). The youngest of the brothers is 19, he is called Tan tan and is a painter, just like me.

The brothers are so friendly that I didn't mind that the bed felt like a sack of potato's. They asked if I wanted a special omlette, made from mushroom's from the jungle. I excepted, and sat on the varander, there were several people there already, the Newcastle couple that I met in Carita were there, and another couple. One of the brothers played the guitar, so we all spent the night singing and laughing, I had a great time, although at one point, it felt like I was at the end of a big tube, I can't really explain.

After everyone had gone to bed, I sat up with Tantan, he showed me this great trick with matches. We talked for ages about art and a place called Tasikmalaya, where Tantan came from, and of course, the one thing that doesn't change around the whole world, 'Girls'.
Well, I could feel my eye's closing, I thanked Tantan, said salamat malam, and headed off to my 'sack of potatoes' bed.
Salamat tidur (good sleep).


Blogger Storm said...

Ugh! I really don't think I'd ever want to be riding in that bus. I don't do well with strong odors. And strong perfume is the worst!!!

I love reading about all the people you met along your journey. Sounds like you and Tantan had a real connection.


11:01 pm  
Blogger Dale said...

Dear Mikey

I missed a few days, so had to catch up.
After reading the last entries, it's good to know that you were keeping regular!

Did you ever think that feeling of being at the end of a big tube may have been the effect of eating that "special, forest-picked" mushroom omelette?...


11:30 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Cara, its amazing how open I was to new people and things, I suppose it was because I was on my own. Thanks for posting, I sure you would of been fine really.

Hi Dale, so you noticed, you are completely right, I did know what I was getting myself into, just funny how I write about it, all guarded, I was 19, I suppose. Thanks for posting here Dale, I hope you can keep reading, and commenting, thanks.

3:56 pm  

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