18 November 1991, Monday.

Sprung from the vast infinite realm of sleep at around 10am this morning and got some tea(teh), the rain was hammering on the ground outside, I sat and played with the fan in my room and read up on 'Pangandaran' in my guide book.
Had some coffee(coppi) and breakfast, which came in the shape of another omlette, minus the tropical mushrooms. After breakfast I went to go and see the local aquarium, as advised by my handy guide book. Hang on, the aquarium was completely derelict! Handy up to date guide book, I thought.
But putting my guide book away, I had a walk around, I found a fish market and thousands of losmen(cafe's). I've stopped for something to eat now, it's about 7pm. I'm in a place called 'the sympathy cafe', and have had a very nice nasi goreng(fried rice), it was very nice and cheap at 800rp.
I returned to the losmen(guest house), full and content, sat on the verander, smoked some fags and had a bit of a sing song, they asked me to sing a song that I had wrote, so I sang a song I wrote called 'In Retrospect, you bitch', they didn't understand, which would have probably been a good thing, because when I explained the reason for writing the bitter song, the oldest brother gave me a forest hermit crab, he had found in the front garden. It was a beautiful little thing, I let him go.
Then one of the other brothers brought in a small rat catching cage, with a small brown rat in it, he was actually a lovely little thing, but I understood they had to kill him. But there method of tipping the rat from the cage into a plastic bag, and then stamping on the bag, was floored, in fact, the rat got away, and ran free again, I was strangely happy.
Then with all the brothers, we went into another room and watched 'Baywatch' on a tiny television. By 10:30pm, I was falling asleep, so I went back to my room.
I have to be up early tomorrow, because whilst I was out today, I organised a tour guide to take me round the nature reserve, that's going to cost me 7500rp, but I only spent around 6000rp today, so my budget hasn't been damaged too much.
Also today, just remembered, I had a ride on a tandem bicycle up to the market, met a Dutch guy that I had met already in Bogor, and gost in pagi before market, I going to sleep now.

(Obviously feel asleep before I had finished writing, 'gost in pagi',I really don't know what I was going on about.)


Blogger Nabonidus said...

Wonder why it was called a Forest Hermit crab? Because he's in the forest? But he's a crab!Puzzling...didn't know there could be hermit crabs in the woods.
Sounds cute, anyway.:)


3:34 am  
Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

Yeah, I have no idea what you were talking about at the end there hahaha.

5:07 am  
Blogger Storm said...

I am so happy you let the little hermit crab go.


5:58 am  
Blogger Karel said...

A good nasi goreng for 800rp?!? Man, that's the good old days...


10:34 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Lisa, I think it was a land hermit crab, but I maybe wrong there, we were very close to the sea. He was cute, and free. Thanks for posting.
Cheers Kevin, keep on truckin'.
Hi Storm, I still do what I can.Thanks for posting.
Hey Karel, why, what's it cost now? I forget sometimes it was 14 years ago, time flies teman. Terimakasi geez.

3:52 pm  

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