19 November 1991, Tuesday.

Rose up at 8am (that was probably my best opening line yet), but it was pouring with rain. The tour guide has said that we will go when the rain has stopped. Sorry for any mistakes yesterday, it was very late when I wrote up my journal.

I'm just waking up now, and I want to write up my dream from last night.
Well, it was the same old dream I've had many times since I've been here, I'd gone home, but different to all the other dreams I'd had, this time, everyone I know at home had grown really old, and they all felt cold somehow to me. My parents had moved to a new house, and when I went to the house, there was nobody there except a 'Pit-bull terrier (dangerous dog) snarling at me from behind a fence. I opened the front door, and tried to calm the dog as I walked into the house, but my words enraged the dog, and it ripped through the fence and barged its way through the door that I was trying to close behind me. I had a massive fight with the dog, he was chewing my hands at one point. All of a sudden, my whole family appeared and the ferocious dog ran away. Also, in the same dream, I couldn't completely work out whether I was in England or Indonesia, it was really strange, I'd normally only consider where I was after the dream, when I woke up, but this time, it was in the actual dream.
Then, another dream took over, there was a beautiful German girl stroking and caressing my back, lovely. It was then that I awoke, with the most intense pain in my neck, its probably down to the pillows here, being like sand-bags.

Just checking my reflection in the morning mirror, and I've realised that I haven't got a tan at all, weird.
I had some breakfast, and then went to the tour guides office at around 9am, the rain had stopped and we set out for the jungle. I was not alone, there were three Germans accompanying me on the journey.
The jungle treck was completely amazing, I saw huge millipedes, a massive monitor lizard that scaled a vertical rock face in its escape from us, the football size new shoot's of the Raffle's flower, the largest flower in the world, monkeys and hornbills high in the trees, deer, bats and porcupines in a cave, along with thousands of stuff that I just can't remember right now. Swung on a vine like Tarzan, had a cool dip in a pool on a cliff side, and just walked for hours through thick rainforest, it was truly amazing. I had the best time.
Got back to the losmen (guest house) at around 3pm, I was very tired and hungry, so I went out and got something to eat at a nearby warung. When I got back, Tantan invited me upstairs to see some of his artwork, he also showed me his sixth finger, just like another little finger on his little finger, he used to hold his cigarette in it. We spoke for a while, and then got some food.
Then for the first time, since arriving in Indonesia, I found myself sinking into a really bad mood. I don't know why, it just came over me. It was very late and I suppose I was very tired, so I decided to turn in and go to sleep.
I have no smile as I write up my journal, but everything to smile at. I suppose I'm having a break from being super happy, you can't be happy all the time, which I almost have been since getting here. Goodnight (salamat malam).


Blogger Kara said...

What beautiful pictures!
That dream sounded really disturbing maybe you were a bit homesick?
Anyway, I love reading your journal, it must have been amazing to see the rainforest (and to swing like an ape)

Hope you and Rene are well :)

9:29 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Loved the pictures, especially the cute monkey and the tree with the little room in it.
Hey Mikey, I think that dream mustve meant you were questioning the amount of time you'd been gone from your family,
Maybe your dream was saying if you were gone too long you'd have to fight your way back in, to win their affections back?I'm sure you thought off all those sorts of things.
Sounds like you were getting homesick,
And eeek! The millipedes! Those things freak me out!
Hope all's well..

2:48 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Kara, I think I was a bit homesick, and seeing all those brothers together as well. As for the vine swing, it was brilliant, but none of the Germans would do it. Thanks for reading and posting the comment up.
Hi Lisa,that monkey was in no way cute, he was a vicious little devil, and nearly bit me because I didn't have any food. I think your right about the dream, what a day that was, thanks for your comment.

3:46 pm  
Blogger Storm said...

Dreams can be an amazing thing. They can literally tell what is going on in a person's life.


5:49 am  

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