24 November 1991, Sunday.

Well, it's one month exactly today, great. I awoke at 1pm after our late night. I got up and had some breakfast. Heny and her friend have been waiting for me to wake up since 9am this morning. So I took a quick mandi and we headed out to somewhere, I didn't really know at the time. One thing I should point out, is Heny is not the sister of Agus and Tantan, they have a sister but I can't remember her name.
We went to Heny's grandmother's house, it was a lovely place, we had some coffee and then some tea, and then some rice and fried fish(looked like the fish I would buy in the tropical fish shop back home), and carp and part of a huge eel, that they had caught just as I got there. We had some shrimps as well, but while I was eating the eel, I kept seeing the image of them chopping its head off, which was lovely, but I'm actually glad I saw it. All of the food was gorgeous, the rice was on big banana leaves, and we all ate on the floor with our hands, or actually with just the right one, the left hand is saved for the other end.
We left at around 5pm, and got the bus back to Tasikmalaya, and then a bechak back to the house.
Sat around and played with Dodo, or is it Dede, hmmm can't be sure, anyway she's the three year old daughter of Yeyet. Living in Tasikmalaya, and looked after by the family here, he's the eldest brother I think, back in Pangandaran.
Tantan and Agus went around to Asep's to watch the football on television, I didn't want to go, and decided on an early night instead.
Well its about midnight, and as I walked out of my room to have a wee, I noticed there was a guy sitting in the lounge, there were no lights on, and he was just sitting eating nuts. I presumed that this was not the behaviour of a criminal, and he was just unknown to me. This is the reason that I didn't beat the rufous out of him, good word that, isn't it, I think it's actually a name, oh well, I didn't want to use the nastier word alternative, so rufous will do for now.
So I nodded to the gentleman in the chair, smiled and continued towards the bathroom, smiled again on the way back and went to bed.
Today's been a funny day, I really enjoyed myself, but it's the first day I think that I've been home sick, I made myself quite upset at the thought that I wouldn't see the faces of my newphew's and neices when they opened there presents on Christmas day. Also, I haven't been cuddled since I got here, not a proper loving hug anyway. I'm a bit sad.


Blogger Jessica said...

Wow, a whole month. You made it a whole month! Congrats! :)

The line about not being cuddled or a proper hug made me sad. How long did it end up taking you to finally get one?

1:50 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

I don't know Jessica, but I soon meet a friend that became a great friend, thinking about it though, I don't think I got a real hug until I got back to England. Sure I had plenty of kisses with girls and that, I can't remember that well now though. Thanks for the congrat's, hope you are good and well, take care, and thanks for commenting.

2:33 pm  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

You are going to keep blogging, right.
Oh sorry to be off topic here.

I agree with Jessica. I felt the same way. So tell Rene to give you xtra hugs and kisses today.

2:35 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Thankyou Lzygrl, I'll tell her, she's been busy at work today, but when she gets home, I'll press her for them, not literally. Thanks for posting here Susie, take care.

3:36 pm  
Blogger Karel said...

Yeah...we don't hug a lot down there..I don't know why. I've been wondering about this for several years now..we do smile a lot..but we do less hugging.. =S

9:23 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Hey, I wonder who that guy was? Kinda odd.
And also, it appears that your homesickness finally made a more conscious appearance. I remembered you'd had a dream before this, I'd thought it was homesick manifesation. In any case, I'm glad for you that you are home now,
with the holidays coming.:)

9:35 pm  

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