22 November 1991, Friday.

Got up at around 11:30am, still a little tired, haven't really got any plans for today, so I'm just going to relax and settle in to my new home. So staying here, in this house, are Tantan, Agus, and then someones daughter, a young child, and a sister called Heny, and the mother, I haven't heard anything about there father though.
I had gadu-gadu (vegatables in peanut sauce) for breakfast this morning, it was very nice indeed. Much of the day was spent sitting around and talking, I took a quick walk up and down the road, to see what was about, but didn't fancy venturing any further today, there is much to see here. Spent a large portion of the day drawing a new doodle, kept spinning it around and working on it from different angles, I quite like it. Agus also gave me a couple of nice shirts today as well, he said that they were too big for him.

As it was getting dark, I helped Tantan and Agus to move a metal framed bunk bed from one room to another, then built another bed in Tantan's room, and put up my mosquito net over it, this was my bed for now.
I then took my first private English lesson, well, it was just talking and helping Heny to write a letter, my first student.
We finished at about 9pm, I went out to the local warung and bought some tempa(soya bean curd) and egg(tolor) and brought them back to the house to have with some rice. I know it's pretty soon, but I suppose I can call this place my home now, well for the mean time. This is were I will be living.
Sat in the lounge area, talking to Agus about our program tomorrow, we are going to the pre-pat school( a kind of private school), and talking to the director about getting me a job, and then in the afternoon, we've organized a game of volley ball. Then a big disco in the night(only joking).
But that's all tomorrow, Agus turned in, and I stayed in the lounge talking to Tantan.

We went to bed, but being so tired after doing nothing all, I didn't finish this entry until tomorrow, if that makes any sense, well it doesn't matter anyway.
I'm one day away from one whole month away, so here chronicles of the lonely traveller, destination life and its living, also maybe the unknown, not quite sure about that yet, the future, and maybe something else.


Blogger lryicsgrl said...

i'd like to see you at a Disco Ball!
OK so after a month long adventure you had a slow day.
Now I know what that drawing is all about.....idle hands is the devil's workshop you know..
I really should be doing something else eh?

7:16 pm  
Blogger Storm said...

The gadu-gadu sounds quite yummy. It seems similar to something I had for lunch this afternoon.

Just a quick question...do the misquito nets really work? I have this vision of huge, massive misquitos and bugs trying their best to get in.


9:50 pm  
Anonymous hp said...


I am enjoying your journal soooo much! Yesterday's entry was scary, where you nearly drowned, and how it ended rather strangely, being hit on by that bloke...

One of the entries mentioned the fruit Durian, and I remembered a funny situation that happened a few years back: At my work, in the office, I went to our lunch room and smelled what seemed like a gas pipe leaking. I called the building maintanence to check it out. Yes, definitely smells like gas, said the engineer, and he said he would check the gas lines in the hallway. One of my coworkers came in the room just then, and asked what was up. After informing her, she said, "oh that's just my lunch." huh? She opened the fridge and the odor poured out, as she took the Durian out and put it on the table. Yep, that was the culprit. The building engineer looked bemused and relieved and left without a word. "We eat it in Vietnam-it tastes nothing like how it smells."
At lunchtime she had me try it, and it was sweet, but I couldn't get past the smell---!

have a great show tomorrow. Anything you play will be great--what is your favorite song that you've written?

here's to an uneventful journey to the Attic-so sorry to hear it was such an ordeal last week!


1:16 am  
Blogger ticharu said...

Yeah, that was an intense bit of swimming... Did you feel like dum luck saved you? Entirely your good sense and physical stamina? Or were you just not meant to die at that time?

3:31 am  
Blogger ticharu said...

Freakish doodle by the way. I like it!

3:32 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Thanks for posting Susie, iddle hands is what an artist does, it's not the devils work, that sounds scary.
Hey Cara, mosquito nets really do work, although after a time, you need to patch it up with plaster's because little breaks form, its no problem though, its also peice of mind. Thanks for posting Cara.
Hi Heather, the first time I ate durian, I thought it was a bit funny, but then the chillies where to hot and loads of other things, but that all changed with time, and things I didn't like in the begining, I grew to love, just like durian. I think its a time thing, and envoiroment, anyway, thanks for posting your story and commenting.
Thanks Ticharu, I don't know mate, at the time, I thought I was going to die, the memory is still fresh, I just kept trying, and that was enough, weird how things could have been so different. So I'll put it down to true grit and stamina, anyway, thanks for the query, you got me thinking about it again, it's at these times I really feel lucky and thankful.
Cheers mate, the drawing works even better if you constantly rotate the picture so you can view it from every side, cause thats how I drew it, thanks mate.

10:04 am  

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