20 November 1991, Wednesday.

Awoke this morning at around 9:30am, had a wash and then some breakfast. Sat around for a while, then went and hired a diving mask and snorkel for 2500rp. I then went to the gate of the special beach, and a bloke there asked me for another 500rp, I had no money on me, because I was going snorkelling, not shopping.
So I had to walk back to the Rawamangun losmen, but after searching around, I realised I didn't have any change, just big stuff. I then remembered lending Budi (one of the brothers who ran the guest house) 800rp, and he had not yet returned it, so I had a look around for him, but could not find him anywhere.
I'm sitting in my room at the moment, the fan blowing in my face, watching the beautiful day disolve into heavy rain. I turned away from the window, and walked out of my room and into the hall, and there was Budi, holding the money I had lent him. I thanked him, and left again.

I got to the gate again, and paid the 500rp's, and headed for the 'white beach', supposedly the best snorkelling area in Pangandaran. The rainforest came right down to the edge of the white sandy beach, the water was crystal clear and as warm as a bath, the fish and coral and invertabrates were incredible, beyond anything I could have expected. I stayed pretty shallow to start, but then got more intrepid, and soon I was chasing a box fish, he swam backwards just fast enough for me to think I had a chance, then turned and was gone, he left me staring into the blue.
I looked down, and couldn't see the bottom, somehow I had swam out of the reef. Its at this point that I should mention that I'm not the best swimmer, and get a little anxious when out of my depth. Calm down I thought, I raised my head from the water to check the direction of the beach. It was about 200 meters away, and that really scared me, calm down I thought to myself, I put my head down and started swimming back, the water seemed rougher now, and water kept going in my air pipe. After what seemed like an eternity, the walls of the reef appeared in front of me, but I couldn't see a way through, I was becoming scared but kept looking.
There it was, a narrow passage through the columns of coral, but as I tried to swim through the gap, the tide pushed me straight back out, as a wave came in, I was washed toward the coral and rocks, then as the wave washed out, it took me with it, no matter how hard I tried. I was getting really tired and water kept filling up my breathing pipe, I lifted my head out of the water and took a huge breath of air, and went back in towards the coral with the wave. Once at the coral, I clung on with all my strength, the rock cut my skin, but I held on, as I felt the wave come back in again, I let go and moved further in the passage, and held onto another lump of coral, I continued until I could swim to the beach. Once my chest was on dry land again, my head dropped to the sand, and I fell asleep.
I don't know how long I lay there, I awoke to hear the little monkeys in the tree's infront of me. I sat down for a while and then headed back, a little embarassed. I got back to the guest house at around 4pm, the clouds had started to cover the sky, I'm now back at the losmen, drinking sweet tea, and writing this all up.
I went out to eat, then went for a walk around the town, and ended up watching two surfers out in the waves from the beach. A couple of Indonesian guys came up and started talking to me, they invited me out with them, and I agreed.
I went back to the guest house when it got dark, its about 6pm, and my old friend Diarrhoea has just been to visit. I'm always so pleased when it can stop by.
Sitting talking to a German girl also staying at the guest house, and one of the guys from the beach turns up. His name is Irvan, and we go out for a drink, then for something to eat. Whilst we were out, he pulled a picture out of his wallet and showed it to me. It was of two men getting it on, totally naked, in the throw's of passion. I then realised what was going on, and felt quite uncomfortable and had to explain that although I had nothing against homosexuals, I was not one, and didn't enjoy his picture. I smiled, finished my drink and was off.

Got back to the losmen at around 10pm, and took some Diarrhoea tablets, given to me by one of the brothers. The brothers sung songs on the verander again, and I spoke with Iwan, he is probably the nicest of the brothers.
Then I went to bed, glad to be alive.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

You have had a similar experience yourself!Wow! That blows my mind.
So guys can also get hit on, in a sexual way, by other guys, when it is the last thing on their minds?!?

Don't know if you recall that I was supposed to be working on my album yesterday. :(
What a timely post of yours. Interesting.

7:49 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

I probably should've said that
if you feel like it, have time, you can read my " Wow! Personal Newsflash!"
blog post, about the sleazy producer Ted.
I'd also had a major string meltdown the day before I was sposed to go in. Blog
post " My strings!! WTF??!" LOL
Weird couple of days here.
Anyhoo. Hope you're all ok over there.

7:56 pm  
Blogger Karel said...

Holy Craponopolis! That's exactly what my imagination creates for me when I go swimming or snorkeling in the sea..very scary..

and getting hit on by another guy? wow..I hope I don't have to go through that ever..although I was a little bit impressed on how he actually showed you a picture to let you know what was up..very effective..hahahaha..

Hati-hati, teman!

12:20 am  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

OMG (sorry it's been used here already by my friend, lisa)
but i was literally gasping through this entry.
first, you life is hanging in the balance, then you are getting hit on by a man......i've said it before, i'm glad i know you are safe and sound now, it makes it easier to read....

btw, take rachel up on her offer to get you a car next week. she is so sweet and a good friend.
be well mikey!

12:26 am  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

just was reading down the comments (just curious you know)
I am glad to hear Rene's dad is doing better. I wished her dad well on her blog.

I have lots of ideas about where you should go. i actually saved a discount card i got in the mail for you. if it makes sense, i'll mail it to eelpie care of rachel for you.

as I have no idea what your days of travel are or what you want to spend. forgive me if i am off.
obviously, you should travel "off peak". meaning off vacation (american) to get best deals.

We ski New England, mostly because our bestfriends have a magnificent ski home, so it would be hard to turn down their invitations for a "free stay", we love them and our kids and their kids are like cousins.

so, aside from staying with us, ( cause i know my friends would love you to join us and our 5 kids, sounds fun eh?) i think that Snow Mass colorado is a really great beginner friendly mountain. and only a bus ride to Aspen mountain.
though Snow Mass is a 'family" mountain, i went there as a single (with a expert skiing boyfriend) shh don't tell hubby, it was way before i met him.
anyway, it was great for the expert skier and for a novice like me. it is a gentle and friendly mountain. cool places to shop and eat. and aspen is really chic!

ps i am a big fan of ski school for adults..you meet people from all over. i skied with a couple from germany and people from canada and the midwest. my expert skiing boyfriend got stuck skiing double black diamonds with an aunt of mine, she was in snow mass by coincidence (hehehe)
ah fate!!!

12:45 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Thanks Lisa, to be honest, it doesn't happen to me very often. Thankyou for posting, I'll be over to your blog really soon for all the gossip.
Hey Karel, really bloody scary mate, I was very lucky that day, I'm a terrible swimmer, much more a land animal me. Thanks Karel.
Hey thanks Susie, I'm glad your gripped, it's great re-living the memories, I'm suprised I'm still here.
And thankyou for all the info on ski-ing in America, Rene and I are really looking forward to our first ski trip together, I have always been with friends. Can't wait to come to America, hope I can do all the things I want to.
Thanks for your great responce.

12:59 am  
Blogger Storm said...

This post is making me very excited about a trip I'm making to the Florida Keys this Christmas. My husband and I are planning on doing some snorkeling. He's not the snorkeler (I don't believe that's a word!), but I have been practicing. I simply cannot wait to see all the life that the sea beholds.

Great post!!!


5:52 am  

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