14 November 1991, Thursday.

Had a really good nights sleep in my sleeping bag for the first time here. Its a lot cooler in Bandung, so it was possible to sleep well in my sleeping bag.
We went out and got some breakfast at a warung, and then Yusuf had to leave for college, I spent time with Oman's friend Iman, he sat and played guitar and sang around his place, then we went back to Oman's house and met a bloke called Reif, Mr Tonny's (the artist I met last night) son, also a painter, he gave me his address in Bali, and asked me to stay if I ever got there.
Oman has asked me to stay around his for the next couple of days, I excepted, Panandaran(the place I'm planning on going next) can wait.
We went to the warung and got some lunch, then on to Oman's college. Oman went to class, and Eka and Toto showed me around Bandung, we visited some art galleries and loads of shops. At around 6pm, we went back to the college and met Oman, we all went back to Oman's, Reif turned up only to leave as quickly as he'd arrived. We all talked, they all spoke English, and I tried my Indonesian, no contest, they all speak really good English.
Oman and I went out and got some dinner at the warung, although the warung was more like somebodies front room, they had a television, and we ate, then sat and watched a cheap American horror film. They loved it, the whole family of the warung owner's, I paid for the food and we left to return to Oman's.
We sat and listened to Phil Collins, one of Oman's favorites, and I wrote my journal. I'm really glad I brought my sleeping bag, I was begining to think that I shouldn't have bought it, because I haven't been able to get in it until now, because of the intense heat.
Oh, I forgot to say, before we had dinner, we went to the local baths, which was actually a pipe sticking out of a water tank, people washed two at a time, having to kneel down because the pipe only came out at 3ft high. There was a cork with some string through it, so that water wasn't wasted, the system seemed to work, I really enjoyed my Bandung bath.
I think that my Indonesian is getting better.
Goodnight(salamat malam).


Blogger Nabonidus said...

BTW, not to sound dumb,sorry in advance, but what language is spoken in Indonesia?
Indonesian? Thai? I wouldn't mind you or Karel ( Hi Karel!)
doing a rudimentary list of word translations. Some of the words are self-evident,and you have added translations as you go along, but other words are a little
more confusing.
BTW, a long time ago I used to work with a lot of Phillipinos, I was listening to them talk one day, when I heard the word " Trabajo"....I perked my head up, listened more closely, and realized I knew WTF
they were talking about! So of course
I had to ask them about it,said " I understand you!" and they said that their language has a lot of
Spanish in it, because of the Spanish influence to the islands a long time ago.Since I'd taken Spanish and live in San Diego, I knew enough Spanish to understand: Trabajo= Work. They were talking about hating this lame job that we had. And
I actually caught it!
Anyway, might be an interesting footnote to add a little translation list or link to a translation page.
I like the musical way some of these words sound.Salamat Malam. Mymuk?
seems a better word for mosquito than the one we have.
Thanks for the new entry today!

3:30 pm  
Blogger Storm said...

You really immersed yourself into the Indonesian culture. Very cool. I have traveled all over the world, but I feel like I haven't seen anything yet. One day I hope to be able to embrace another culture in another world.


4:39 pm  
Blogger Karel said...

Hey Mikey!
I agree with Cara. You really did blend so well with everybody you met down there. Seemed like you were very easy going and loved just to hang-out with people.

Hi Lisa! =) We speak Indonesian. Proudly =]. Tagalog is awesome, I think. I don't understand any of it though. A lot of pronounciation that gives me the shock once and a while.

I wouldn't mind putting out a list, but I don't want to give out anything exciting that might come up on Mikey's journal. So, its up to Mikey.. ;)

Selamat Malam, semua..

4:50 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment, I have got all the words I learnt on pages in between the journal. I didn't know whether to include these pages or not. Anyway, let me know of any words you need translating. I sometimes feel embarassed when I write Indonesian because I only learnt how to speak the language, not to write it, the pronouciation of the alphabet is different in Indonesian, so to learn the language, you must first re-learn the alphabet, although I didn't do this, I just wrote down the Indonesian word, how I thought it sounded. This was fine for me speaking to other people, but as soon as I write anything down, I feel silly. Thanks for posting.
Hi Cara, I certainly did, whole-heartedly, I don't know if I could do that now, there are many reasons that it was a special time for me, although I was also a idiot.
Hi Karel, I wouldn't mind you putting a list up, as I used to say in Indonesia, saya massi blajar bahasar Indonesia, dan saya lupa banyak.
I hope my spelling isn't terrible, oh well, thanks mate, you can teach me the correct way to spell Indonesian if you have the time and inclination. Thanks alot geez, take care teman.

2:06 pm  

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