13 November 1991, Wednesday.

Got up early, knew that I was leaving today, looked in my pouch, and realised that I had no money. So I got dressed and shot up to the bank, walking about 2 km, then I realised that I hadn't brought my travellers cheques, so I caught a bus that seemed to be going the right direction, back to the guest house.
I then caught another bus, realising where it was going. Changed up $100 travellers cheque's, into a massive bundle of notes, and then caught another bus back to Ibu Pension, I didn't get enough bus's already.
Paid my bill at reception, and caught a bus to the bus terminal with two Dutch girls, from there we all caught a bus to Bandung. I sat near the front, and they sat at the back, I must have made a good impression.
I got talking to the bloke sitting next to me, his name was Yusuf.
We got to Bandung at 3pm, and I hadn't eaten all day, Yusuf invited me to stay at his friends house in Bandung, I excepted and followed his lead, into the suburbs, and met his friends.
They were all studying English at college, and used the oppotunity to try out there best English.

We went to a warung and I stuffed myself, after a fag, we went to a local artist's studio and gallery, his work was amazing, such ability, and even better, was interested in my opinion of his work, he even asked if I wanted to come and paint in his studio, I am very flattered.
We all left, and went back to this guy's room, we all talked for a while, and I explained the world according to Mikey.
They all smiled politely, and me and Yusuf went to another room and stayed there, we listened to some music, talked, exchanged address's, like I must say, like nearly everyone I've met has given me there address.
Anyway, I'm tired, rolled out my sleeping bag and got in, I'm sleeping on the floor.
Salamat malam.


Blogger Storm said...

It's obvious that you are a very genuine person because you continue to form new friendships all along your journey.


11:56 am  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

I love the "me and the boys" photos. You really have a great disposition for travel. You go with the flow, as they say. Wonderful.
Me, I'm a spoiled american girl. Though I have to say, when I was in Israel, the tour I was on, would get us to climb small rock mountains, hike etc. without prior warning. SO, I would be wearing very fancy sandals, to go hiking and climbing. One time we had to pass thru a fifteen minute dark, dank tunnel. Everyone was a little uneasy. So I led the way with a Beatle tune or too. I became the leader. I was scared to death, but I had a Maternal instinct I guess to keep everyone calm. (there were bats, snakes who knows what else.) Next time we came to a mountain to climb, again not indicated on itinerary, I led with "Squeezebox" everyone LOVED that, especially the boys.
Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog. I love this spot. My friends built a beautiful, custom log cabin on the 30 acres of property. We go up there to ski in the winter. Just beatutiful and serene. I sleep like a baby. It's a great place for the kids to ride quads and snowmobiles. It's a great place for me to sip some red wine in the hot tub!!!
That "poem" on blog, is actually the lyrics from a Paul McCartney song, "Heart of the Country" from his Ram EP.(1971)

2:22 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Cara, thankyou very much for your lovely words, I hope you continue to read the journal, and keep posting.
You are a leader Izygrl, fear is clever, and to do something whilst being scared, means that you are brave and clever. We love Paul, thanks for your lovely comment on this blog, I hope you keep reading, and enjoying, thankyou.

3:22 pm  

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