12 November 1991, Tuesday.

Today I awoke at around 8:30am, had a freezing shower and then got dressed and met Juniver at reception. We had some breakfast together and he elected himself my tour guide for today, I agreed, so we headed off to the Zooalogical Museum, saw millions of badly stuffed animals, a stuffed Kamodo dragon, and the Flores rat, the biggest rat in the world. We left there and went to the Bogor botanical gardens, founded by thingy Raffles, we walked about the beautiful gardens, there was a (what do you call a big group of) big fruit bats, and huge hardwood trees. We met some flirty girls from Jakarta, and then got caught in a heavy rain storm, I was totally soaked, so by about 3pm we walked back to the losmen, on the way back, I bought a ti-shirt, I got changed in the dorm and came back out to the lobby, where I had coffee with Juniver, at 5:30pm he said goodbye.
I started talking to a very friendly French couple, staying in my dorm. They gave me some really good information about travelling to Jogya. After about an hour, I went out with three Dutch guys for food, very nice blokes, not at all like the Dutch blokes in Labuhan. One of the Dutch guys was absolutely massive, not quite big enough apparently, but I shouldn't go in to them tall stories (what a comeadian).
We all ate well, talked then returned to the guest house, where we met up with some English, and some more Dutch. The two blokes and a girl from England were from Brighton, and had arrived in Jakarta that week, and couldn't sleep for the mosquito's biting them, they where all covered from head to foot in big bites, it was evil, they looked like they had leprosey or something. I was so lucky that I got out of Jakarta when I did, there were no mosy's there really when I was there.
Everyone talked about there experiences here, until about 11pm, when one by one, like sheep, everyone went to the dorm to bed, I followed along, like the sheep I am, and knocked off for a sleep in my mosquito net, luxury.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

I'm #1! I'm #1!
Just kidding. I'm waiting to go out tonight,stopped by and discovered a new post - yay!
Eeeek, the mosy bites, hope they weren't scarred for life.
Hey, have you heard of the Japanese
underwater pyramids? Discovered in 1995? I am so fascinated by this, and
really wish they could do more research on this underwater city.
I reposted the link today,now that I have more people stopping by my blog,
figured more people would like to know about those. Hint hint. ;)
Thanks for the new posts, and
A Goodnight to all!

1:28 am  
Blogger Dale said...

Dear Mikey

The benefit for our friend went off without a hitch last night.
Great dinner, dance & live & silent auctions & good company. Saw lots of friends I haven't seen in a while.
A quick count estimated about $30,000.00 raised for her last night!

Thank goodness for mosquito netting...


5:02 pm  
Blogger Karel said...

Dutch people..hmm..
I truly regret that I never learnt to speak Dutch from my late Grandma..She was brought up before Indonesia got independence and she speaks Dutch fluently..amazing..

Anyway, great pictures again, Mikey. Girls were all over you wherever you go down there, weren't they? Geez...haha =)

Salam, teman.

10:59 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Lisa, glad your enjoying the journal, love getting your comments. Hope you had a great time out, by the way, I went over to your blog and commented, but aren't they great, I can't wait to hear some more.
Hey Dale, well done raising all that money, she is very lucky, and I'm very proud of you for participating, keep up the good work. Thanks for your comments, and take care.
Hey Geez, thanks for the comment Karel, there are many languages I would like to speak, but I do get confused sometimes, and mix languages up, and about the girls, they did fancy my big nose and pale skin, funny eh. Cheers teman.

2:11 am  

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