11 November 1991, Monday.

I opened my eyes and got up at about 8am, I had my usual morning poo and mandi then went and had some coffee with the guest house owner, packed all my gear up and paid my bill at the Raitha losmen. Then walked back down the road where I met Yunis, he then accompanied me to Labuhan, and made sure I caught the right bus and wished me salamat tingle.
The bus's are jam packed, more like coaches, but designed for small Indonesian people. This bus took me to Bintang, and from there, I caught another bus, where I sat right at the front, and was able to stretch my legs right out. The only problem with sitting at the front was, you can see how completely mental and dangerous the driver is, all the drivers, its like its some kind of race.
I'm well on my way to Bogor now, writing on the bus, it's very hot and sunny, which makes sitting on a bus all day much nicer, obviously.
After several hours of traumatic driving and intense heat, we arrived at Bogor, as you can imagine, I felt completely fit and well after my ordeal.
A boy showed me to Ibu Pension, a guest house I read about in my lonely planet book. I've booked in, and are staying in a dorm bed(shared dorm) for 4500rp per night.
I'm sitting drinking tea(teh) on a large marble verander, everyone's very friendly here, well, what I've seen so far, but I get the feeling, that I'm a complete stranger, it's funny I'm thinking this, because I am. Hmmmm, Mikey how about you spend a little more time thinking and writing about the complete obvious. Yeah ok.
I've nearly been in Indonesia for three weeks now, its not that funny, but it feels like that.
I had a real shower, got dressed and went out to go shopping for a new shirt and trousers. Successful shopping trip, I got both, and also bought some spot creme, because apparently my spots haven't come up enough, thanks for that.
I've met a guy called Juniver, he helped me with my Indonesian, he lives in a place called Depok, north of Bogor, we had some food and then he accompanied me back to Abu Pension, he speaks excellent English.
I got to bed early at around 11pm, I was completely exhausted, and decided just to get in bed, because people had told me that there were very few mosquito's in Bogor. As I lay there drifting off, I heard the distinct buzz of a moquito (nymuk) around my ear. So, up I shot, and out came the mosy net.
Once in my protective cell, I slept like, someone who slept without being harassed by hungry nymuks(mosquito's).


Blogger Karel said...

Looks like a new chapter has begun. Great stuff, Mikey. The bus drivers over there are fuckin mental. They race just for few extra passengers and rupiahs...rough job..

Keep it up!

1:45 am  
Blogger Dale said...

Dear Mikey

Well, another day in paradise.

To be sure, the bus drivers there sounds very similar to the bus & taxi drivers in Fiji.
I also had to get my head around the fact that they drive on the left side of the road, like in the UK. Here in North America we drive on the left.

It must have been nice for a change speaking with someone who could speak English well.
I know how tiring it can be learning to communicate in another language.

Looking forward to tomorrow!


2:53 am  
Blogger Dale said...

Oops...I mean right, no left, no right...

You know what I mean!

2:54 am  
Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

There is a boy in my PE class named Fransisco, and he does not know a lick of english. I talk to him in spanish, but he is fluent and I am a novice so it is hard to communicate. He told me he is from Bolivia, he lives in the apartments one block away and he has a dog. I help him learn English, I told him how to do some math too which is very difficult.

Speaking of mental drivers and cramped spaces, my mom is a crazy driver and she has a 2002 mini. I have to crane my neck to the side whenever I am in the back, its horrible. And I have to take my shoes off or else my feet won't fit.

3:42 am  
Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

Cant wait for the next entry,


P.S. notice the DON T' on the bunk. Hahaha.

3:44 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Karel mate, yes a new chapter, I don't think I could explain in words just how them guy's drive, and seeing burnt out buses on the side of the road didn't boost my confidence.
I had a friend that collected the money on the buses by day, and rode a bechak during the night, he must have been the hardest working guy I've ever met. So was the nicest bloke as well, he invited me round for dinner one night, just rice, that's all he had, but that was a fine meal. I saw many terrible things like that too, when I was there.
I think you understand these things Karel. Thanks for posting mate, I hope you get a laugh out of this. Cheers tehman.
Well actually Dale, I didn't appreciate them that much at that stage, I don't think, but later on in the journey, I did find solice in other foreigners. Thanks for posting up here. Take care.
Hey Kevin, nice one mate, I'm really impressed with the way you treat the world, thanks for helping people, and teaching, what you find easy, he'll teach you better Spanish, I do love that language. Anyway, thanks for sharing, keep posting and truckin' mate, sorry to hear about your mum's mini, they're tiny, although your lucky that she doesn't have the older one, that was even smaller. Cheers mate.

2:00 am  

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