30 November 1991, Saturday.

Woke up at around 10:30am, followed my usual routine, had some breakfast. I finished my letter to my friend Ian, and took this and other letters that I had written, down to the post office. I casually walked back, rolled up my sleeping bag, and had a little tidy, because I had agreed to spend the weekend with Aman at his home, he's very friendly, and speaks English very well, but he doesn't understand simple politeness.
Asep and Aman turned up, and with there usual rude, "let's go now"(the rudness is really getting to me).
So we left to Aman's house in Garut, firstly we got a bechak, and then a couple of bus's. He paid for everything, but I kind of expected him to, he can be so rude and annoying that it's not a problem, he's not that bad really.
We got to his house in Garut at around 6:30pm, there are millions of lakes surrounding his village, teaming with fish. We dropped our bags at his house, said hello, and then left straight away, caught another bus, to a hot swimming pool, heated by a volcano, it was like a hot bath.
I was lazing around in the hot water, really enjoying myself, when Aman came over and said in his usual way, "we'll go now".
We made our way back to his house, and then we had some lovely food, I sat in the lounge talking to Aman's eighteen year old sister-in-law, she is very sweet. Aman walked into the room and said to me, "sleep now, yes", then walked me into a room, showed me a bed, and blanket, and then showed me how to turn the light on and off, he was deadly serious. He must think I'm completely stupid, maybe that's why he's so rude to me all the time.
I lay on my bed, wrote up today's journal, and turned my light off, and went to sleep.


Blogger Storm said...

Aman can be rather blunt, huh?

The volcano heated swimming pool sounds divine! Very cool.


6:19 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Cara, yeah, thinking back, he was a really nice bloke, but because he spoke English, I presumed he understood English manners.
I had to learn a whole new way of treating people, and speaking, respecting people because they were older than you, only using your right hand, for everything. Never using your foot, to do things like point or tap someone. There were loads of things, and I made sure that I learnt them things before I learnt too much Indonesian.
So I suppose, it was silly to exspect English manners just because he could speak English.
I don't think that I fully understood this at the time though.
That volcano heated swimming pool was really cool, although it did smell a bit, of eggs, because of the sulphur. Not that much though, it was very faint.
Thanks Cara.

6:51 pm  
Blogger Jessica said...

In regards to Aman, was it the culture clash, or was it just that he was truly an asshole? Like in Russia, in the subways, people slammed into you and just kept walking, and I'd be standing there dumbfounded saying "excuse me, oh, excuse me" like a retard. It didn't offend them, at ALL, but it did me. Which was it?

6:51 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

You are spot on there Jessica, just different set of manners, it's really weird though isn't it.
He was ok, just Indonesian, if he had said them things in Indonesian, that would have been ok, it's just when they use English, I expected English manners, silly really, I was very young. Anyway, thanks for posting.

6:56 pm  
Blogger Jessica said...

I understand. Been there! :)

7:18 pm  
Blogger Karel said...

Man, that must've been pretty awkward with Aman. I have to say that the manners in Central and East Java is far different than in West Java where you were at. I'm sure that I would've gone through the same adaptations that you did..except the language part of course :)

Thanks for the song-writing advise, Mikey. It really means a lot coming from you, teman. I will start writing soon!! Terima kasih banyak!


4:52 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Karel, firstly sorry for mis-pronoucing your name, I forgot about the silent 'E'. Anyway, it's amazing to hear about the manners, I had no idea, you are full of answers, thanks mate.
As for the songwriting advice Karel, I'm really happy that you are taking the plunge, the sooner the better. Well done teman.

2:54 pm  

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