27 October 1991 Sunday.

After getting up and having a wash, me and Brendan went down to 'Angies Cafe', a cheap little place just along Jalan Jaksa. Breakfast for me was lemon ice tea and noodles with egg and vegatables, very nice indeed.
Two 18 year old Indonesian girls came in and started practicing there English. There names were Yusnito and Rina, apparently I'm not fancied enough.
At two o'clock we headed for Kalderes bus station, where we could catch a coach to 'Labuhan', a town on the west coast. The place was packed, but we made it onto a bus and reached Labuhan at 10pm.
I was really tired and hungry, and then we had to take a rickshaw (I don't really know what there called, but well.) and this poor little Indonesian bloke peddled me and Brendan for what seemed like miles, with our heavy backpacks as well.
We got to this place called the Beach hotel, it was $9 for a beach house for 2 people, its terrible, there's loads of mossy's(mosquito's) and millions of ants, there's a trail of them coming from outside going into the toilet, which is at least a sit on loo. The big guard ants that patrol the stream are about 2cm long, theres gecko's everywhere, and bats, some are really big, and they swoop just above your head. Had some really good food here, and I'm now writing this on the beach, its really lovely here, I'm really excited, I just hope the ant's don't eat me tonight.


Blogger Karel said...

Lovely. I'm loving this so much, Mikey. So awesome. Mosquitos and ants really can eat you alive down there. Sleep is so restless.

So, gettin' drunk at 90% humidity and 30C is awesome isn't it? It's so easy to go overboard and You'd have so much energy from the heat that you'd look like a crackhead.

Keep it rockin, teman.

p.s. missed you talking in Indonesian on "In The Attic" though, Mikey. Maybe next week?

3:35 am  
Blogger Jessica said...

The bugs would be the end of me. I'm girly that way. EWWWWW!

4:16 pm  
Blogger Janey said...

Giant bugs or no, I'm living vicariously through your journal. So far, so interesting!

10:17 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Karel, there's worse to come mate, but I know what you mean. Once you discover mixing rice wine and bintang beer, your in all sorts of trouble.Sorry, saya tida becara bahasar Indonesia, tapi aku akan kalou saya ingat.( i bet my Indoneasian spelling is awful } Thanks for all your great comments mate. Hope you keep reading.

1:54 am  

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